Today at WiG Radio during the program “My BookShelf with Eunice” we had the immense pleasure of interviewing Mr Jide Agboola; whose latest work is “The Reality Of Time,” a timely book that invokes sober reflection in the minds of readers and enlightens more on Time,its omnipresent power and its effects on our generation. You can stream or download the full live interview through the link below.
The Author: Mr Jide Agboola is an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Management Strategist and Consultant, he believes in doing things the right way and an ultimate lover of Possibilities, he aims to educate the minds of people to the Reality of Time and how things could work out if everyone in the society is conscious of time management.
   He had an Interview with one of WiGRadio’s finest presenters Eunice Myhrun who had a conversation with him concerning the state of reading culture of Nigerians and how reading can be encouraged in the Country.
Eunice: So can you tell us about yourself?
Jide Agboola: I am an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Author of the Book THE REALITY OF TIME, I have spoken in different parts of the World and I have worked in the Oil and Gas sector, this has made me meet different professionals who are very good in their fields but I have come to realize that a lot of people do not value learning until it is too late.
Eunice: So what can you say about the reading culture of Nigerians and how do you plan to make them read better ?
Jide Agboola: It is very true that the Nigerian Community is not readily available to reading and that is a big problem but to solve this I intend to work with Teachers and Students, so the idea is to make every student and all and sundry know where they are to function and go from there, for example, Messi a Footballer started his career at a very young stage and he used his time wisely. So students should be taught to live a balanced Life.
Few more questions and they played a Word Game, it was truly a Good Book Review please listen on and Download the full Interview and Book


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