What does success mean to you? God wants you to succeed and rise high in life. His plan for you is a good one; He wants to help you make your dreams and aspirations to come true. True Success is becoming all you were made to be in life and using that which you have become to influence others to make the world a better place. Your success is not complete without helping others to succeed as well.

Everyone of us was born to be different and unique for a reason. We are specially designed with features that make us irreplaceable and outstanding. The reason for your uniqueness is so that you can contribute something to others and make the world a better place. Nobody else can do the things you can do like you.

You might be a person struggling with limited effectiveness on your job and in life due to poor social skills or image dysfunction; But, when you give your heart to Jesus to be Lord of your life, and you receive the Holy Spirit to live in you, He would empower you and balance all your disadvantages so much so that you would be mentally sound and emotionally stable. This will lead to improved self esteem and a boost in your influence, so much so that others would want to be like you, as you become a role model for success, excellence and godliness.

God wants you to be influential wherever you go. We (Christians) are called to play important roles in the world; we are saved to be world changers…a people of global impact. No matter we you are now or how old you are, know that God planted you there as a change maker. It’s time to go beyond the conventional aspiration of a conservative white collar career and the limits of religious vocation. We must break barriers and burn down borders of self preservation to become global minded. You are an icon of global influence!

Your success is part of God’s agenda to change the world. God wants to raise us to be the next music producer, super model, broadcaster, contractor, entrepreneur, scientist, rapper, showbiz mogul, online merchants, who are not necessarily involved in religious vocation but are strategically planted as God’s agents to reach the world and to be witness that it is possible to be heaven-conscious, yet earthly-relevant. Take the lead, shine your light, to make the world a better place. YOU are on God’s agenda!