Not quite long, I realized I’ve been prodigal too! You may never understand me until I reveal my plight to you. The greatest deception ever is self deception and the greatest discovery is self discovery. I never really knew I have been prodigal too not until I scanned my life recently and I realized I was not different from the story of a guy who was also prodigal like me. He had a wealthy father, servants filled their palace, he lives like a king, and everything falls on his table at a single beckon. Then he thought of having his own inheritance from his father and travelled far away from home. Most likely, to establish himself like his father or was just curious and wanted to explore the other side of life but his fate got twisted, he lost everything within a short time frame, what  a pity. He was erstwhile a rich young man now a wretched young man, he was once a master to many but now a slave to all, and he got stung with the realities of life when he violated the ancient principle of diligence. But as for me, I never had such background privileges.

I’m sure by now you must be wondering how then I had a similar experience with him but the truth is I never knew I was guilty of same attitude too until I mirrored my lifestyle against his experience. Maybe I’m not alone, you never can tell. You may have been prodigal too until now.

From my research and interrogation, the problem is not because he asked for his own inheritance from his father; it’s his birthright, his share according to the custom of their land. The problem is not even in travelling to another city. Most likely, he wanted to establish himself elsewhere. The problem was simply in his riotous living (foolish living) when he got to the city.

How then have I been prodigal too?

Yes, I never had same privileges like him but I sure had one thing in common with him and that is life. I realized the same way he was prodigal with the tangible gifts giving to him by his father; I’ve also been prodigal with the intangible gifts given to me by my Father-God.

I’ve been prodigal with my time by spending least time where it matters and spending more where it matters not, I’ve been devoted to so many things that takes away my attention off God while pursuing mundane things. I’ve been prodigal too!


I’ve been prodigal with my words by saying too many words when I could have been silent. I’ve tried impressing a whole lot of people with my speaking prowess when I should have edified others with graceful words. I’ve been prodigal too!

I’ve been prodigal with my talent by using it to mock others instead of inspiring them. By using it to make them inferior and less qualify instead of motivating them. I forgot I was just a privileged vessel unto honour. I’ve been prodigal.

I’ve been prodigal in so many things. By now, you should know if you have been prodigal too. Anytime we become wasteful and nonchalant with whatever ability or resources God gave us, we’re most likely treading the path of that prodigal son.

Maybe yes, maybe no!

You may not have been prodigal, you may have been prodigal. As soon as we realize our excesses, we must take actions. When the prodigal son realized his faults, he made adjustment. He didn’t go in defensive approach, he didn’t try to make excuse for his actions, and he simply took responsibility for his errors. He’s been broken by the experience he had at the other side of life, maybe he needed that to realize that common sense is not common.

Scan it!

I never knew I’ve been prodigal too until I scanned my lifestyle to make adjustment. We tend to want to do too many things at the same time but we end up doing few or nothing at all that are of less importance. A lot of things are beckoning for our attention.  I’ve learnt from his experience and I’m no longer prodigal, I’m now wise and resourceful. Don’t wait too long when you’re supposed to be moving, don’t delay when you should act, don’t hide when you should be seen, don’t slow when you should be proactive.

Inspired by the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:13 And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.

Affirmation: I live sensible from now on, I do the right thing, I move with the right association, I’m a light, I’m not confused, I know what to do per time, I live after the likeness of God, I’m a royal ambassador, I live in abundance and surplus, I’m a blessing to my generation. I’m not prodigal any longer! Shalom

Till I cross your path again, keep making a difference. I’m Rawfacts!




Babatunde Oluwaseun Owolabi


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