The Psalmist penned this down in the book of Psalm

Psalms  90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Over the years, the CEO of WiGRadio has celebrated his birth date (16th January) in a unique way in order to be a blessing to people across the world

2005 – A get together with friends to discuss the topic “Where will you be in 5 years time”. (All those friends have achieved their set goals)

2006 – At his campus fellowship to share the love of God with the brethren.

2007 – With class mates of Biochemistry Department, UNILAG

2008 – At Ajambata Village Outreach where he shared his cake with the less privileged, aged women (some of whom have lost their teeth)

2009 – Heritage Homes (an orphanage in Lagos)

2010 – Red Cross Orphanage, Yaba, Lagos.

2011 – Abakaliki Prison (He took rice and cake to the inmates of the prison in Ebonyi)

2012 – Ijamido Children Home, Ogun State.

2013 –  Kaduna State, with donation of hundreds of copies of his books, visit to orphanage homes and schools in Kaduna at a time when the fear of Boko Haram was the beginning of wisdom.

2014 – With WiGRadio family

2015 – Put a student on scholarship in a remote village whose parents could not afford the fee.

2016 – Gave out free copies of the eBook version of Be careful what you call impossible

2017 – Personal Retreat At home to reflect on the last 30 years

2018 – Spent time with staff of WiGRadio in a personal mentoring session

2019 – Still on honey moon with Mrs P and launch of new book.

2020: Light of Hope Orphanage, Akute, Ogun State

This year 2021, he would be giving out free copies of his first book titled “You will See what will become of my dream” first published in 2009

You can get your free copy by clicking this link. Remember to subscribe to the Telegram Channel for more offers from WiGRadio.

If you are unable to get the book, you can also click this link to have it sent to you via WhatsApp.

To wish Olawale Perfect a Happy Birthday, you can reach him on any of his social media handles

Facebook: OlawalePerfect
Twitter: OlawalePerfect
Instagram: OlawalePerfect


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