Guard your heart with all diligence… that was the advice given by Solomon, the wisest King in ancient time, but i want to add that it is not enough to guard your heart. You must also fill up your heart with quality information that would move you from where you are to where you ought to be. This is the sole reason why WiGRadio is committed to reaching you with good news.

Just in case you don’t know how to listen to WiGRadio, let me take you on a tutorial titled LISTEN TO WIGRADIO 101. Let’s go there…

1. WiGRadio is an internet radio station so you can only listen with an internet connected device like smart phones and laptops. When we go terrestrial (this is a prophecy), you would be able to listen with your transistor radio.

2. You can listen to WiGRadio directly from the website. Simply log on to with your device and the radio would come up automatically. If it does not come up by itself, then find the play button, click on it and wait for about 60seconds for it to receive signal from our station over the internet.

3. If you are using a mobile phone, it would work with smart phones like Android, Blackberry and Apple devices. It does not work on some Nokia phones presently so if you are using a Nokia phone, this is the time to trust God to upgrade your level.

4. The radio might not play on opera mini browser for smart phones so it is advisable you use the phone’s default browser. However if you are using a laptop or ipad, it would play or any browser.

5. While it is good to listen via the website, it is best to download the mobile app and have it permanently installed on your phone so let us go through the process of installing the app.

6. If your phone is an Android phone, click … this should redirect you to googleplaystore. Click on install and follow the process and jump to step 10.

7. If your phone is a Blackberry phone, click on or (at least one of the app would work on your blackberry phone). This link would redirect you to blackberry app world. Click on install and move on to step 10.

8. If your phone is an apple device, click … this would redirect you to Applestore where you can click install and move to step 9.

9. If you have difficulties with any of steps 6-8, you can equally download any of the following apps, Nokia Internet Radio (this is good news for my Nokia friends), Tunein Radio app, Nobex Radio app, Jandus Radio app, Simple Radio App, Streema Radio app and a hosts of other internet radio apps. Just search their directory for WiGRadio, click on play and you are good to go.

10. From the WiGRadio app on your phone, locate the Listen icon and the play button. Click on it and wait for some seconds for it to start playing. You would be amazed by the awesome broadcasts, songs and messages that would be coming your way.

We would have the Tutorial 102 some other time but I have assignments for us.

WiGRadio… … Reaching the world with good news … Transforming lives globally

You can call in on WiGRadio programs on +2348164445960



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