At some point in life we have exercised or even visited the Gym, the real exercise is not for the Body but for the Mind.

Yes, you heard me, your Mind needs exercise even more than your Physical Body, this is because your Output is a Downloaded version of your Input.

We need to exercise our Mind with the true Word of GOD, so that we do not let alternative gospel (Wisdom of the World… Col 2:8-10) feed our minds, they sound so good and accurate but they are deceitful shadows.

Many people serve their Minds, serve the theories of the World and as a result of this they get themselves other gods to worship and not GOD

So many are involved in “disguised idolatry” without even knowing it. We think we are serving God fully but we have already set OTHER GODS before us in our hearts and acts.

Let’s bring forth a Spiritual reawakening this Saturday 25th January 2020 at Yudee Event Center, Gowon Estate, Egbeda by 9am for the first episode of Mind Gym in 2020 with Gbenga Samson.

This program would be on network broadcast live on WiGRadio 1 (Wisdom Gate Radio), WiGRadio 2 (New Heart Radio), and WiGRadio 3 (Watchmen Radio) and you can listen from any part of planet earth via WiGRadio 1 on, WiGRadio 2 (, WiGRadio 3 ( or download the WiGRadio mobile app from google play store for Android devices by clicking here.

If you would want WiGRadio to cover your next program, you can contact us on WhatsApp by clicking this link


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