Olakanmi Moyosore and Abolade Omowunmi O. – Lagos.

What do you desire strongly for in music?

Do you yearn for melodies, sounds, and beats? 

Do you yearn for Christ and His message through music? 

Come with me as we meet Team Impartation and have a glimpse into their journey so far 

WiGRadio: Welcome to this interview. Can we meet you? 

Team impartation: Team impartation was formed in 2017, Lagos Nigeria. Team Impartation is passionate about winning souls to Christ through music. They are aiming to see generations encounter God. Team Impartation is based in Lagos Nigeria. The team is made up of 15 members consisting of Manager, Leader, Assistant leader, Instrumentalist, vocalist and audio engineer.

WiGRadio: Which means Team Impartation is . . .old

Team impartation: three years.
WiGRadio: Ok.

What gave birth to Team Impartation? 

Team Impartation: Team impartation was a vision given to me and my assistant who is a drummer by God, we and our former keyboardist played in the same church. And a lot of our friends and fams were Always Telling us that we should form a band.

We considered that and God gave us the backing.

WiGRadio: Wow. That’s amazing. So would you like to tell us how Team Impartation is run?

Team Impartation: Well, we mostly get invites to church programs. And minister at different occasions.
WiGRadio: Have you done any record?

Team Impartation: We working on one titled “SOAK ME” 

WiGRadio: Awesome, but it’s Team Impartation a full-time kind of ministry? Do you have a studio?

Team Impartation: Yes ooo, we are presently working on having our own studio. We are looking up to God on sponsorship for it.

WiGRadio: What’s the overall vision of Team Impartation?

Team Impartation: We are very determined to spread the gospel through music, we are mostly out to capture the hearts of teenagers and youths

WiGRadio: And how exactly do you plan to achieve this?

Team Impartation: First of all through prayers, through our social media platforms. And we are also planning to create a different pattern of Gospel music that will capture the hearts of our audience.

WiGRadio: Different patterns of music? And is that captured in your upcoming song “Soak Me” ?

Team Impartation: Yes.

WiGRadio: Awesome. So what are the challenges so far? 

Team Impartation: One of our major challenges is avenue. Due to the fact that we do not a permanent venue yet not yet we have difficulty in deciding where to use for rehearsals. Also, the financial aspect.

WiGRadio: hmm. We learnt that you hold a monthly programme called Encounter. Would you tell us about that? 

Team Impartation: Yes, last year we held our first program tagged Encounter 1.0 even though we had problems with the financial aspect, but it was a success it attracted a lot of teens. We also drop a Monthly video on our social media platforms which we title Impart Worship and we have gotten a lot of testimonies from this and also froml our ministrations people from the programs contacted us and told us of how God has done something In their lives.

WiGRadio: Concerning the financial aspect. Some would say ours is strictly business, so when they go for ministration, they give our their price tags and you know, would be paid after ministration. While others would say we are just ministry, and so would not charge, and for invitations, are your ministration dependent on the type of occasion or they are strictly gospel songs?

Team impartation: About this, if you invite us for any Church programs we don’t charge, you give us whatsoever you have and even if you don’t we are fine. But if you are inviting us for events then we Charge. And Our songs are strictly gospel.

WiGRadio: Amazing, who is the model for the team? I mean, which of the popular artist does the team look up to?

Team Impartation: We look up to Planet shakers And Hillsong worship

WiGRadio: Do you do weddings too?

Team Impartation: of course, though we haven’t been invited for one yet, we hope to get an invite.

WiGRadio: Alright. So when is the next Encounter program? 

Team Impartation: We are looking at November 13th and it is going to be held around egbeda axis. Exact venue will be communicated via our social media platform.

WiGRadio: Alright, when is ‘Soak Me’ dropping? And how can Team Impartation be reached?

Team Impartation: It will be dropped in August.

And you can reach us on: 08169712687, 09012576545, 0812 533 5644. 

And our social media and on our social media handles IG @teamimpartation_official

Twitter: @T_impartation 

FB: Team Impartation

You can also get our songs via our social media platforms

WiGRadio: Lastly, with your experience and knowledge of the fact that gospel songs are gasping for breathe in the music industry, what’s your advice to upcoming gospel artist?

Team Impartation: My advice to upcoming artists is that they should all look up to God because with God all things are possible, without him we can achieve nothing, he is the only one that can help us.

WiGRadio: Wow, well said. Thank you so much for those words.

Team Impartation: Thank you for having us.

 WiGRadio: We are glad we did. 


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