In a recent Social Media Post, the Senior Pastor of Royalty Christian Centre located in Agege, Lagos likened the overdose of the materialistic prosperity gospel to a mental sickness which has pervaded many African preachers. See what Pst Adeoye shared

I have come to discover that one of the greatest problems in Africa is our wrong definition of Success. We define Success only from the angle of material acquisition. Due to the many years in history of poverty and slavery, we made a “mini-god” out of material things.

This “cancerous” thing got into the Church of Jesus that many Preachers gave us over-dose of “Prosperity” messages. The rat race that’s killing those outside the Church world began to kill Church people too. Many of us became “sick”. Yes, this thing is a form of sickness in-disguise. For instance, a Preacher from Africa was preaching in a developed country and he told them how blessed he was; he said, he has about 15 cars parked at that moment in his home.” Two notable leaders in that Church went to meet their Pastor (host) after the service, to find out if the guest speaker is sick.

It’s an issue of mental pollution. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying these material things are not good to have, but it is evil and destructive when you let them define you. It’s ok to have them, but it’s evil and destructive if they have you.

THE TRUE DEFINITION OF SUCCESS: Success is becoming all that God has created you to be. Fulfilling God’s Purpose for your life. So, if we are to go by this definition; I don’t need to have or become who you are to be successful. This is why there’s little or no authenticity in our society and there’s a lot of rat race. This why a corrupt politician will steal government money and stuck his house with 12 G-wagon at once. This is why raw cash (in millions of dollars) are found in abandoned properties, buried caskets, safely tanks, foreign accounts.

Mad people are many at the top, especially in this part of the world. If this money are invested and injected into our society, there will be less poverty in our continent. I think the Change that will deliver Africa, must start from the Church. The Church needs to define Success correctly and stop making a mini-god out of things that God gives as tools (servants). A wise man said, “money is a good servant, but a bad master”.
We need a deep lesson from COVID-19 & redirect our energy on the things that matter.


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