Youth Pastor, revivalist and evangelist, Pastor Daniel Olawande popularly called PDan shared a heartfelt message from his wife, Pastor Nifemi Olawande, aka, PMOO.

PDan and PMOO

The message was a picture message in what looks like a WhatsApp message with a caption that reads,

‘When I didn’t know what the future held but I followed. It turns out to be the best decision I ever made.’

According to PDan, the picture was from the first ever YMR, short for Young Ministers Retreat, an annual program organized by PDan, held in 2017.

He captioned the post which he shared on his Instagram page,

‘My wife, @nifemiolawande just sent me the best message I have received in my entire life. 

His caption continued,

Picture from YMR 2017(first YMR ever).’

The picture was an old picture of the couple looking slimmer and younger than they are currently.

Before meets After

Humble beginnings, we must say.
We also see it as a message to young ladies out there to look beyond money and any material thing in choosing a marriage partner but rather, see what God sees.

The couple from YMR 2017

The couple is known for Public Display of affection whilst doing the Lord’s work together and we love them. They are our Christian couple crush for this week.

What do you think about the before and after pictures?


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