By Opeyeoluwa Ajayi

The Bible says “money answers to all things.” This is to an extent the truth but at the same time, money cannot buy everything. Are there things we can successfully do without money? Is it possible to develop oneself and expand one’s capacities without money? I’ll let you know in a bit. First, what is Personal Development?

Personal development refers to the conscious and unconscious effort of man to improve his state. It is the process of engaging in activities or actions that positively improve us. For example, rising through the ranks from a junior staff to a manager, taking a course or transitioning from bachelorhood to marriage all require some form of personal development.

These changes in status do not happen overnight. They do not happen without an effort. There must be conscious effort on the part of the individual. You don’t change status without effort. You don’t move to the next floor without taking the stairs (or without operating the elevator). Nothing moves till you move it.

A personal affair

Personal development is a personal affair and involves you determining what you want the picture of your life to look like. My point is, you should have a picture, vision or blueprint of your life. Only then would you be able to design the steps needed to get to each level until you get to the top.

Capacity Building versus Personal Development

Wikipedia defines Capacity building (or capacity development) as the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills and knowledge needed to do their jobs competently. Therefore Capacity Building is the process by which one expands his abilities. There is no doubt that capacity building and personal development have a direct relationship. This means an increase in one automatically leads to an increase in the other. The more you develop yourself, the more you expand your capacity. The more you invest and engage in personal development, the more your capacity increases. It’s that simple.

A man who works out at the gym everyday (personal development) will have the ability to lift heavier objects and have greater resistance (capacity Building). Capacity Building is a side effect of personal development. When you invest in yourself as a man or woman, you increase your chances of getting a good husband or wife.

Is it possible to develop one’s self and build one’s capacity without funds?

As Nigerian media mogul, Mo Abudu would say, ‘If you can think it, you can do it.’ Yes, it is possible! The truth about personal development is that it is not just about the big things. It consists of the little everyday choices we make and actions we take. Sometimes, it is not your degree or class of degree that makes you the preferred one. It may just be that little ‘extra’ or ‘packaging’ that gets you the job.

  • You become a better writer by constantly reading and writing
  • You become a better singer by constantly training your voice

Christiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar are not popular today because they were rich or had money. In fact, most of the outstanding men and women in various fields were poor and middle class people who decided to defy the odds and did not see money as a barrier. They rather addressed their habits and consistently developed themselves till the world reckoned with them. Footballers and basket-ballers practice enough shots on goals to become best scorers.

So what do you need to do?

Learn something new every day!

To expand your capacity, you must develop yourself every day. Money has nothing to do with it. It is the least thing. Your tenacity and consistency are what you need. Strive to be better than you were yesterday. If your CV hasn’t changed from a year ago, then something is wrong somewhere. Learn something new every day, every week, every month, every quarter and every year

Volunteer to get trained

One way you can develop yourself is by volunteering. Volunteer yourself and add to your experience and CV. Before you know it, you become this ‘hotcake’ in the market every company wants to have.

Expand your spiritual capacity

Personal development and capacity building is a divine mandate and it doesn’t end at the physical and mental level. It was inferred when God said, “…be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth” God expects us to build our spiritual capacity. Pray more and read the Word more. Obey more. Serve more. Give more. Love more. Strive to know God more. Increase your faith. Do this consistently and you become a spiritual giant.

Some have not read books in months. Please read enlightening books. It will help you. Please note that you can only get better to the rate at which you develop yourself.

Money is not a factor.

As earlier said, it is an everyday affair. Do more with the little things you have and maximize every opportunity to develop yourself. As a spinster, learn more recipes to cook for your future husband (men are not left out too). Money is not really a factor. With little or no cash, you can learn something new in this age and time, where Google and YouTube are your best friends and teachers. If you can’t afford to pay for a skill or education, find other legitimate ways to go about learning it. You can talk to a mentor or teacher or someone who will be gracious enough to show you. Remember: We are not here to play and you have only one life. The day you stop learning is the day you die. Develop yourself, expand your capacity, be a better person and get ready to be celebrated by the world!  The world awaits you.


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