His love is like an island in life’s ocean vast and wide. A peaceful, quiet shelter from the restless and hopeless when the waves of tribulation seem to down us in despair…

His love is like a beacon burning bright with faith and prayer, And through the challenging scenes of life, we can still find a heavenly father there.

Him only deserves the glory because, notwithstanding of circumstances he will not leave you alone.

If you love Him completely and show that you care, and you walk in His footsteps and have faith to believe, there’s nothing you ask for that you will not receive.

He reveals himself to you and nobody can stop you to achieve greater heights, even the sky will not be your limit.

Many will mock you but God will make you a star. Everything work together for good for those who loves God (Romans 8:28).

Don’t doubt for a minute that this is not true, For God loves His children and takes care of them, too…..


I have been talking about the love of God, it is indescribable and can’t explain it.  What is love? No words can define it- It’s something so great, only God could describe it. For what we call love is very much less Than beauty and depth but true richness of God’s gift to mankind. His compassionate love he has given.

God’s love is like a sanctuary where our soul can find sweet rest from struggle and the tension of life’s fast and futile quest.

Kings and Kingdoms will all pass away- Nothing on earth endures…. But the love of God who sent his son is forever and ever.


Joseph Adeoti Anu

Facebook: Joseph adeoti

Twitter: @josephanu17


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