I sat down thinking what to write because my boss asked me to write something which was to be posted on a Christian blog. Well I got no inspiration except for a few interesting thought that tend to overshadow the main reason I was brainstorming. Two days passed and still I got nothing. I was Reading my bible and listening to gospel broadcast just to make headways on the article but I still got nothing I felt I could write on. Just then I picked up a little novel my kid brother left in the sitting room as I wasn’t much busy I decided to read it. As I read through the lines, I stumbled on something “you can’t teach a pig to sing” and i knew then i have gotten the right topic to write on. Now my writing style may not be the usual used in most Christian blog but if you follow me through I will let you on some Truth from Gods word and you would never regret you did.

One of my favorite psalm says “For ye are wonderfully and fearfully made” wonderful here signify our uniqueness. Romans 12:6, talks about us having differing gifts according to the grace given to us. Now because the pig isn’t enable to sing sweetly doesn’t mean he isn’t useful. In fact it is a very good source of protein for man and its uniqueness lies in its fattiness and taste. God has given each of us a unique selling point to differentiate us from the rest. We were created in God’s image and for his purpose not to fit into our society which is constantly trying to drag us to it’s level of social decadence Romans 12, but each one of us should find our bearing and purpose in Christ.

The fact that the leopard looks like a cheetah doesn’t mean they run on the same pace. The cheetah is the world land fastest animal. The leopard is a Wonderful tree climber and a swimmer too. They don’t have to compare their strength and swiftness cuz they are “uniquely different”. The leopard is beautiful spotted with no line as round its eyes. The fact that you are created leaves you with a unique responsibility to dispatch on earth. There us no two you. You are designed to do what.only you can do. Have you ever thought of this even when the same ingredient is used in cooking by two people the taste are different. That is just mans creation what God

Myles Munroe said when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. I can go on and on talking and inspiring you but maybe just today I wouldn’t go persuasive but I will like to remind you that you can live all your life being someone else trying to meet up with things that you can never meet up with because you are not in your place. In fact you could be a successfully clone of someone else but you will never be free and happy if all you are is someone’s duplicate when God is wanting you to be strong and live out the life he has created you to live out a uniqueness only you can deliver joshua 1:6-8. And the only way you can truly discover what’s so special about you is in Gods word. Outside it you you will be a total failure because in the world many things are there to stop you from being who God has destined you to be. The only solution to this is being born again by this I mean accepting Jesus as your lord and savior.


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