The sprinkle of the star, which is formed with the sky. The sky is placated to the heaven.

Heaven and Earth seems intertwines together, who is like the uncommon color of all-star.

The Sky Sea, and ocean see the grateful power of the mighty and bowed before him.

Love is a twinkle eye ball that shines like the galaxy of the star. The blinking and the twinkling glorify the lightning.


The love of him is defined and uncommon which the blind, dumb, pictured the image that can feature the land of the sea. The love is so compassionate that the baby weeps to the loudest voice and found the uncommon creature that is created.

The imaginable unforgettable unpredictable and searchable who know the love that can’t be shared to anyone.

The ancient of all mystery asked a question “WHY THIS LOVE”, it is not common with uncommon men. It is the bridge way that created the uniqueness of all light to see.

The wisest and foolish can’t comprehend the greatest and powerful of this blossom wife that common from the unique father to the son.

The love that is seen among the unseen able of the world. The word which is built like a foundation inside of him to share all glory and majesty to all his children.

The love is not frustration when light is manifested; love is not a foresight but an insight to men

Love is not a fight but of power and sound mind, love is a name which belong to a lamb of all life
tobiOguntoyinbo oluwatobiloba

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