In recent times. Christianity has been ‘modernized’ to follow the trend of the world. It has become difficult to differentiate between Christians and non- Christians. Most Christians have not only identified with, but also conformed to the world’s standard and gradually adopted the worldly standard. It has become easy to mingle with the world to be acceptable, thus violating the commandment of our beloved Father. Titus 2:7-8
It seems we forget that as living epistles read by men, we ought to shine as lights in this perverse generation, so that men will see our good works. It is shameful to see some Christians sitting on the fence on godly matters because they do not want to be tagged as been ‘churchy.’ Whatever happened to standing out for Christ unashamedly?
It’s time we stopped mingling with the crowd, come out from amongst them and be separated unto God that he may receive us 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. The truth is the world has nothing eternal to offer us, except make us miserable.

We need to stand out from the crowd in our:

  • Thoughts: we ought to have the mind of God Philippians 2:5. Our minds must be renewed as we learn and meditate on His word to get rid of evil and negative thoughts so that as we guard our hearts, issues of life flows out.
  • Actions: our thoughts guide our actions, if we think of evil, we will act as such. It’s important we guard our eye gate by screening what we feed our eyes on, as well as our ear gates by not listening to words, music and anything that does not glorify the name of God. We must begin to do only whatsoever things are true, pure, honest, honest … of good report. Philippians 4:8-9
  • Associations: our relationships are very important because bad company ruins good manners. Your best allies must have a relationship with God. Why hang out with those whose influence on our lives stop us from ‘repping’ Christ?
  • Dressing: with the fashion trend now, many are compromising God’s standard of modesty. Looking good is good business, yes but we must check the excesses that is not Christ compliant.
  • Speech: by their words, you shall know them. Does this really work these days? Our speech is expected to be seasoned with salt to minister grace to all that listen, not sugar coated to encourage rashness and sin.

Stand Out

Yes, it’s time for self-check! Let’s figure out other areas we need to stand out from the crowd. Let’s examine ourselves and be our own judges. Really, we are work in progress but dual citizenship is not allowed in the kingdom. We cannot serve God and mammon. Christians must lift the banner high for the world to see, that we stand and live for no other but Christ. This way we win others to the kingdom, after all, it is the business of our Father.

Toluwalase Ogunleye


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