How can this dream be possible?
I dont have a college degree,
how then can I be accepted ?
Will something bad happen today?
Then the mind changes the conversation to statements…

I am not capable!
People dont like me!
Am labelled as a failure!
My results doesnt provide me to get the best job!
My past is haunting me and that’s why it aint working!

Les Brown a renowned speaker once shared a story about his son who he was walking with on a roadside, he asked him – Do you want to be successful? The son replied Yes! He said after some while he looked at him straight in the eye and asked again – Son, Do you “expect” to be successful? Given the fact that everything looks ugly and things doesnt seem to go well. Based upon your performance and achievement that is not going the way as planned. Then his son got quiet! When you ask everybody the first question , there answer will always be an automatic response of yes. You see – words shows up in conversation and expectations shows up in behavior! You can easily tell what people expect by what they do, trees are judged by the fruits it bears and not the fruits that it wants.

Conquering mindful living

Your mind is your life, that very inner conversation which goes on daily. The very person you talk most with is not your friend, mum , spouse or business associate but its yourself! Its a precious gold and fragile egg that needs restructuring and caring each and everyday . A garden is beautified when it is tend to, so also the amount of attention given to your mind. A mediocre lifestyle sucks and guess what – it is a reproduction of your mindset! The attention and conditioning given to your career, school , family and business must also be cycled with your mind. You must do today what others wont do in order to have tomorrow what others won’t have, it starts by disciplining your mind – that parts of you that feels, wills, thinks, perceive and reason. How many times have you talked yourself out of your plans and dreams? In your subconscious mind you have been able to set limits for yourself as a result of feelings or experience. You have got to make it okay to fail, in the process of failing we succeed. So many people have allowed fear of failure to outweigh their desire to succeed. Truth of the matter we have always been taught that anything worth doing is worth doing well, but I bet you anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right! Great men didnt get it right when they first started, infact scientists like Thomas Edison had more setbacks than others who started and quit just from their first attempt. Leonardo Da vinci had dyslexia but that didnt stop him from fulfilling his potential. You see~~ Take note of this – You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great ( Les Brown ). Watch your internal words, guard your thoughts, be positive. The difference between the energy and will to be negative is as the same to be positive. Staying positive mentally guarantees your ultimate success! You have got nothing to lose by trying that objective or aim of yours out even if it doesnt work out at first, whereas you just landed yourself one way of how not to do it wrong the first time again. The mindful living is pivotal to your endeavour, your quality of life hinges on the mind! You cant afford to be a captive to a negative mindset, its relatively signifies an eagle that fails to fly! A lion that fails to hunt! That’s the kind of picture it paints, how do you feel towards that lion? (Answer that yourself) . You’ve got to start working on your mind, stay positive, expect good things, dwell on good things, its not psyching, its being mindful of attractions in your world. I think of good things and am gonna see to it I get all that I expect to make me productive even if it takes me 777 times to make an invention, bottom line is that first – I made it! Secondly – goodnews , found out 777 ways how not make that invention. Mindset is everything! Whatsoever things are good, think of these and act on it. Say and affirm good things to yourself. What is your mind telling you about that long standing dream and project? After reading this, what will your mind remind you of? Inadequacies, maybe, maybe not. Inaudible voices and statements are part of the mechanism of your mind, control what is going on there, you are the controller. Be a reborn to your mindful living. You don’t get in life what YOU WANT, you get in life what YOU ARE. Are you in that category that something tells you that you are living below your potential , it is time to —- Work it yourself! “It takes the product of the mindset to make a difference” – (Sowemimo Abayomi).

Steps on how to conquer mindful living:
¶ Talk to God to help you
¶ Discipline your mind
¶ Stay mentally positive
¶ Be committed to think of good things
¶ Expect good things



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