Driving at almost 170km per hour, he knew he wasn’t supposed to, but Kolade was too frantic to stop or even reduce his speed.

There was a woman signaling by the side of the road for him to stop.

He hissed. I’m not stopping for anyone. He had noticed about 5 of those people on the road. They probably wanted to hike a ride..

It was his life. Nobody had a right to tell him what to do. He didn’t owe anybody any explanations.

He didn’t stop to ask for directions. He was there still wondering how long it would take to get there. He knew his way. He was a big boy.

The road started to look confusing. He was running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Darkness loomed.

Where the heck am l?

He checked his  phone network bar. It was empty. He couldn’t call anybody then.

His patience was running out.

There had to be an hotel around here.

He couldn’t even see a glimpse of light anywhere.

He didn’t think the journey was supposed to be this complicated. It shouldn’t be. Thick bushes were on the left and the right. There was no car in sight either.

His fuel tank was on reserve now. The yellow light blinked. Any moment from now, his car would run out of fuel. This was not a good place to trek or to even sleep in a car. About three big birds flew  out of the bush just ahead of him.

Panic turned to fear.

There were strange noises too.

His headlights were getting dim.

There was a silhouette. It looked like…. A man. “I have to approach this man but what if he was a kidnapper. He had to take his chances. He central locked his car, so he felt secure. Kolade pulled up and wound down the window on the passenger side, nodded his head and tried to look tough.

“Kolade…” The old man called.

“What? How on Earth did he know my name?” He thought with his mouth agape. Probably he was hallucinating. He shook his head and said, “Obande village. I’m going to Obande. For a wedding. You have any idea where that is?”

“Are you not Kolade?”

Oh mhen. He said it again.

His heart beat faster than the speed he drove. “Ehhrr..yes… And who are you.”

“The Lord told me to wait here for you that you had missed your way. My house is a distance from here just behind the bushes. It was a task walking up here but the Lord wouldn’t let me be until I came here. He said you needed rescue.”

“Who is the Lord and what does he know about me?”

“The Lord said you are his son and that you’re angry. He said you had missed many road signs along the way because you felt you knew the way. He said you had missed many passengers who were going your way because you wouldn’t ask for directions.”

Kolade felt torn.

“You would have gotten to your destination about 5 hours ago if only you had yielded.”

Did he just say 5 hours? He would have saved fuel, strength and time.  “What can I do sir ?”

“Pay attention to His roadsigns. They are his words to us to guide us on our way. We all are travelers. Without the roadsigns, we get lost. We suffer. We travel in darkness. We enter into the enemy’s zone.”

“There’s a roadsign just behind you that says ‘ENEMY ZONE 30 MINUTES AHEAD’. If the Lord had not prompted me, you’d have headed to a land of no return.  He placed mechanism of asking for directions for you on the way. Those are prayer stops. You stop and pray when you are not sure anymore.”

This man was definitely genuine. Kolade could feel the warmth. There was a sound ahead. It was terrible.

“Hurry, turn your car this direction.” Kolade quickly obeyed. They turned into the bushy area. The old man entered the car as Kolade unlocked the door.

“That was the sound of the enemy. They are looking for prey. They know there will be lost travellers like you. Hence, they capture and do not spare the travellers.”

“Thank you for coming to my rescue.” Kolade felt humbled

Just as they drove a short distance, Kolade noticed a beautiful village.

“Welcome here. You’ll stay here for the night and by morning, I’ll show you your way to Obande village. My wife has made dinner for you.”

“How did you guys know….?”

“The Lord told us, while we prayed…
Prayer is key. The Lord has kept us here for years to rescue travellers from getting to the enemy border. We were once like you. Someone rescued us. And we have been rescuing others. You can turn here. This is my house.”

It was a very simple and homey house. Nothing big but  it was homely.

“You will get fuel tomorrow.”

The old man opened the door. In they went. “Shall we pray?”

Kolade jerked from his sleep covered in sweat. “I could have been killed. Lord have mercy.”

The Lord was clearly warning him. He had stayed too long without praying and seeking directions from the Lord. And the Lord was telling him that he was going towards danger. He had to pray.

Kolade knelt down and said aloud…

In Jesus name…


Have you stayed too long without prayer?

Have you been paying attention to the roadsigns as stated in the word of God?

Have you prayed about that step you’re taking?

Are you watching out for the roadsigns in the word of God?

God loves you and want the best for you. He does not want you to miss your way so commit all your ways to him in prayers.

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.



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