“We have two methods in this hospital.” The funny looking doctor said. Not that he looked wierd or anything. He just looked so clean and spotless and that was kinda scary.

“It’s either we give you drugs to abort the pregnancy or we evacuate the foetus by medical procedure.” He continued. “Either ways, the abortion takes place.” He said with a big grin. 

How could someone talk about an abortion so easily? Even smiling. The way he looked, you would want to have an abortion actually. She thought to herself. She had to get rid of this baby. She couldn’t let the world know she had conceived something. It would be shameful.

‘What are the risks involved?’ she asked.

‘Well, you risk loosing what you have conceived. That’s all. Your life, we guarantee you, will be saved.’ He responded while adjusting his tie. ‘So, are you ready?’ He asked.

The nurses in the doctor’s office stared at her as though they had been looking for a customer like her. She couldn’t remember the name of the hospital cause she entered in a haste. She had a decision to make now.

‘Please, give me a few minutes to think this Through.’

No problem. The choice is yours. He said and he was already upstanding. He had other clients to attend to. Several. Some were there just to consult with him. It was obvious he was an abortion specialist.

Obiajulu! Obiajulu!! Oby!!! What kind of sleep is this… She heard her sister’s voice.

‘So, it was only a dream.’ she said aloud. She touched her stomach. But she wasn’t pregnant. She saw her period some days ago. She couldn’t be pregnant. Besides, she had never slept with any man.

‘Dream? This early afternoon? I nu go?’ Her sister said.

As if her sister wasn’t present, obiajulu looked lost. ‘An abortion?’.

A bo gini? Obiajulu Obute. What are you saying? Who is responsible?

‘Can you just keep quiet?’. She snapped. Shut up and let me think.

Hmm. Okay o. We shall see.

She looked at the time, it was just 1:16pm. Afternoon sleep had never favoured her. So, she didn’t like to sleep in the afternoons. How did she fall asleep this time around? She wondered. To the extent of having such a funny dream. Even if she were really pregnant, she would never have considered an abortion. She was confused.

Oby continued her daily activities deep in thought as she thought about the dream she had that afternoon. Just then, her phone rang, it was Korede. The guy that was to supply the ‘expo’ to the exams they were having tomorrow. She had made plans to ‘pass’ her exams. She couldn’t allow the same thing that happened last semester repeat itself. She couldn’t afford to fail.

Obiajulu was sure the guy wanted to ask for his balance. How can she give him his balance when the job was yet to be delivered. He promised to send the questions and answers by mail before 12 noon. It was almost 2 and she was yet to receive anything.

‘Or could he be calling to confirm if she had received it?’ She thought.

She checked her drop-down menu if there was any mail notification on her phone.

There was none.

The phone call went off.

She was introduced to Korede by Chibuzor, her course mate. Some guys and ladies in her class had their way of passing exams even though they never attended classes. They went through the ‘backdoor’.

‘He’s the best on campus.’ Chibuzor had told her that fateful evening.

‘Okay’, she said sheepishly trying to put up a strong face.

‘I’m really surprised you’re doing this’. He laughed wryly and said. ‘With all the Christian sister level you be throwing us in class. Omo, levels don change o. You sef Don jasi’. He landed.

‘Well, things happened.’ she had said ashamed of herself wishing the ground would open up to swallow her.

‘Okay o. Welcome to the club’ He said.

Some of their course mates had passed surprised to see her with Chibuzor. It was unlike her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her CeCe winans ‘king of Kings and Lord of lords’ ringtone. It was him again. Her saving grace.

Staring long and dreamy at the phone. She remembered he was calling and she picked the call.

‘Hello Obiajulu… Good afternoon…’ His coarse voice sounded at the other end.

‘That voice’… She thought to herself. The voice of her accomplice.

‘Hello, are you there?’ She heard him say.

‘Hi Korede. Sorry. There seem to be some sort of network challenge here.’ she said hastily. Hoping he didn’t hear the apprehension in her voice.

‘oh okay. It’s everywhere. How far na? Sorry for the delay o. Network is affected things here too. The work is hanging.’ He Continued.

‘So, until when then? You know this paper is tomorrow?’ She said. ‘I hope you’re not trying to 419 me?’

‘Haba. I don’t roll like that. I’m a sure guy’. Go and ask your guys’. He said beginning to sound angry. ‘Anyways, don’t forget out r agreement o. That money is important.’

‘Bros, when you send the job’. She said and hung up.

This was easier than she thought. But why was he delaying in sending it?

She picked up her GGE 404 note. At least to go through it even thought someone was going to show her some questions and answers.

She opened to the first page. They had covered so much in such little time. INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL ELECTRICITY. She saw. Final year was crap for her.


There was something about him she recognized but she couldn’t place her hands on it. Had she met him before? The way he called her name. The way he spoke. Even the way he looked. She had a feeling she had met him before. She would ask him except he was busy.

She sighted one of the nurses.

‘Err..good afternoon sis.’ She got the attention of the nurse.

‘Good afternoon ma’am.’ The nurse smiled and said cheerfully.

‘Weldone o.’ She swallowed.

‘Thank you ma. Do you need me to get or do anything for you?’ The nurse smiled at her. She was beautiful and had long black hair finely packed into a ponytail.

‘I just wanted to find out about the doctor. He looks quite familiar. Like I’ve seen him somewhere before.’ She said.

‘Hmmm.’ The beautiful nurse smiled again. Another nurse came to the table and asked for a pen. She gave her and the other nurse walked away. Was it her eyes or did all the nurses look alike?

We have a few clients who actually say they recognize the doctor. He’s everybody’s friend.

‘Oh I see. He’s the Holy Spirit. He’s good at what He does.’ The cheerful nurse had said.

Ohhhhh. She understood now.

‘Miss Obiajulu, you may come with me.’ Another cheerful looking nurse said to her. ‘The doctor would see you now’.

Obiajulu walked behind the nurse. They got to a door and the nurse motioned for her to go in. ‘You may go in ma’am.’ she said smiling.

Everyone here was smiling except Obiajulu.

‘Thank you’. She said as she walked into the office.

‘So, you wanted some few minutes to think about this?’. The Doctor said. ‘Have you decided?’ He asked as he motioned for her to sit down.

She was too distracted by his clean appearance. He was spotless. She was afraid of him too.

Summoning courage, she swallowed and said ‘Please sir, I don’t understand what I’m doing here. Can you kindly explain to me?.’

‘Oh okay. Well, you have conceived a form of sin within you and we have been instructed to help you abort it. However, we do not abort without the consent of the patient.’  He said.

‘Sin? How sir?’ She asked as she sat up.

He opened a folder with her name boldly written on it.

‘Well, from your records here, your exam is tomorrow. And you are ready to engage in a malpractice. Is this the case?’

‘Y…Yes sir’ She stammered.

How did he know all these?

‘So, should we proceed with the abortion or not?’ He asked firmly but warmly. ‘You have been in active service for years and your father wants you unspotted. That’s why he requested this service for you.’.

‘My father …’. she said already in tears.

The doctor gave her an handkerchief. ‘Yes. He doesn’t want you to give birth to this sin. There will be repercussions. On Earth and eternally.’

‘Hmmm.’ She sighed. She looked speechless. ‘I understand.’ She managed to say.

She had been carried away by preparation to cheat instead of her to prayerfully prepare for her exams. She had allowed the devil take over her mind and suggest evil to her. Even her classmates who held her in high esteem were beginning to look down on her Christianity. On her God.

‘I agree to the abortion.’ She said.
‘Oh my God. I’m sorry. Father, I’m sorry.’ She sobbed uncontrollably.

‘Okay then. What method would you like? Take out the feotus completely or the use of drugs? He asked.

‘Please, take it out completely. I’m sorry.’ She cried.

‘Okay then’.

The nurses came and prepared her. They gave her an anaesthesia. She slept off.

‘Jesus, Jesus!!!’ Obiajulu woke up from her sleep. She had slept again and this time she understood her dream.

‘Thank you Lord for mercy.’ she knelt down and said aloud. ‘I love you my Father.’

Her phone rang. It was her class governor. She hurriedly picked up the phone. ‘Hello, the exams have been cancelled. School is on strike.’

‘What?’ She cut the call.

Only she understood what had happened. The foetus was aborted and evacuated. She smiled. She got a second chance. God was great and He loved her.

The only issue now was how she would explain to her sister and her mother that she wasn’t pregnant. She smiled.

*James  1:15*
*Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.*

*_Teaching us to abort sin as soon as it gets conceived._*

OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to write to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

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