Noooo!!! She screamed as she stood abruptly from the bed sweating profusely. You wouldn’t believe the air condition had worked throughout the night. She had the nightmare again. The fourth day in a row. It’s obvious they were becoming more recurrent.

Who is this man that had been chasing her? This man that wanted to have carnal knowledge of her!
She couldn’t take it anymore.
Mojirade Benson was a perfectionist of the highest order. She was in her late twenties and was already enjoying a successful career as a banker. She was beautiful, tall and rich. She had made a good living for herself.

For her, family had never been a priority because she didn’t have the time to invest in one. She had a career ladder to climb. She had targets and deadlines to meet. Through her high-paying job, she had become acquainted with the cream-de-la-cream of the society. They were her ‘customers ‘who brought in large amounts to the bank and that had earned her quick promotions. She had used ‘what she had’ to increase her worth and that of Firestorm Bank. She was living well.

Or was she?

A mansion to herself and two cars wasn’t bad after all with allowances to cover wardrobe, kitchen, relaxation, security and even a vacation to any country of her choice twice a year.

She rolled off the duvet that had kept her not-so-warm through the night and curled into a ball by the corner of her bed. The duvet didn’t provide enough warmth against the cold she felt at the moment. She felt cold and at the same time was sweating profusely.

‘What is the meaning of all these?’ She asked herself wide-eyed. She put her head in her hands and began to cry. ‘Why is this happening to me?’
She stood up and went to the bathroom. It was a luxury bathroom with matching shower curtains and wall. The tiles were Italian exotic. It was big enough for a primary school classroom. She stood in front of the sink and stared into the mirror. Usually, she would admire how beautiful she was but this time around, she could only see how older she looked. Work was telling on her. Or could it be the now-constant dream-chaser?

She settled for the second option because work had never been a problem. She was natural at it. She opened the tap without looking at it. Fresh water! She washed her face, turned off the tap and went back to her room. She put on the light.

Moji’s room was really big and spacious; it was enough to serve a family of eight without any disturbances. She moved to the gigantic brown leather sofa that was in the room and sat down.
She took her remote from the coffee table and turned on the TV. Maybe something from there would get her mind off her problems now. A movie was going on. She didn’t pay rapt attention as her thoughts were deep and heavy even though she recognized the characters.

She switched her mind for a minute and noticed that the movie was about a poor couple who were indeed happy.
Does one have to be poor to be happy? She thought.
Definitely, she couldn’t switch her life with theirs. Besides, how was she sure they were not having the same dreams. She was very sure of the fact that she would not close her eyes till the break of dawn.

She thought of her family as she always did. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. ‘The number you’re trying to dial is switched off, plea…’ she hissed and cut the call. ‘arrrrggghhhh’. It was just 2:14am. Her mum was sure to still be asleep.

Moji became lost in thought as the characters in the Tv talked on. The deafening silence reminded her that she lived an isolated life. She lived alone in her mansion except for her driver who lived in the gate-house and the cook who occupied the boys’ quarters. Such a lonely life.

There and then, as nature would have it. She dozed off.

What do you think about Moji?

Is it wrong to have and build a career?

Who do you think is this man chasing Moji?.

Find out in the next chapter…

Written by Opeyeoluwa Lawal.
OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to wrote to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

Follow ope on IG : @opestarlawal
Facebook: opeyeoluwa opestar Ajayi
Twitter: @opeyeoluwalawal



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