‘Somebody praise the Lord’. The smart looking Pastor shouted over the microphone.

‘Hallelujah’ came the chorus response from the congregation.

‘Tonight, we are going to work. Tonight, God is going to deliver somebody.’ The Pastor continued.

‘Are you ready to be delivered?’

‘Yes’. The response was louder.


‘Are you ready to be set free?’ He asked.


‘Then, God is going to set you free.

‘Amen’.  Came the chorus answer.

“Doctor Jesus, the greatest physician is going to deliver you because He said in His word, ‘Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Pastor continued.

  A Prayer session began and everyone prayed. Some sweating profusely. It seemed the heavens  responded in response to their prayers  as the rains poured heavily outside.

So many people have been delivered at night God wars and his merciful. It was the monthly first Friday vigil of The Light of God Apostolic Church. The programme was tagged ‘Deliver me O Lord.’

Akin didn’t miss the programme for anything. After all he faced as a teenage boy, he learnt that he had to hold on to God tightly. Severally, he fell ill and his parents, who were not so well to do had to take him from one place to another. He heard from his older siblings that his parents had become not-so-well-to-do because of his condition. They expended their resources on his health. Still, there was no diagnosis. Unfortunately, his parents were not christians. They didn’t know the Lord. After the doctors began to reject him, neighbours started to advise his parents to seek alternative help.

‘This is not ordinary.’ Akin remembered one woman telling his mother.

Akin eventually got healed by the power of God.

It was therefore important to stick with God. The pastor that delivered him had told him. However, Akin had learnt over the years that God was a good God and that he did no evil. He had instead built and maintained a love relationship with God. God was his father and he was God’s son. God always responded to his prayers. So, he wasn’t even after God to preserve his health. God had his health in His hands.

After the service some people stayed to pray. Some slept off on the chairs while others left immediately.

Some waited to see the pastor for other pending matters. The pastor was on the altar where he was mute and had his eyes closed but he shook his head as though he were disagreeing with somebody. He was praying. It was his usual practice. He prayed after every service.

Some few minutes later, he stood up and walked out of the altar. He attended to the people waiting one after the other. He talked with some and talked and prayed with others.

Akin was glad it was finally his turn to see the Pastor. He trusted the Pastor because Pastor had never asked him to pay for any miracles. He had never asked him to perform any diabolical acts. All he ever advised was prayer and fasting.

‘Yes brother Akin. I was told you wanted to see me. Pastor said

‘Yes, pastor.  your ministration was very touching. My spirit was moved.’ Akin gave a feedback. It seemed he was good at giving feedbacks.

‘All glory be to God Almighty. His words are always fresh. Hope there is no problem.

‘God help me’. He thought.

It’s about a dream I have been having constantly.’ He said.

Pastor Ephraim had been his spiritual mentor since he moved to this area and started attending the church. He had helped him build his spiritual capacity and watched him grow to maturity. He constantly checked on him and always encouraged him to pray and continuously seek the Lord. Pastor Ephraim would constantly say to him that a Christian should always watch and pray.

‘Okay.’  Pastor replied. ‘Go ahead brother. The Lord will help us.’

‘In that dream, there is this woman she’s my boss. She works at the headquarters. I never met her before up until we had a company’s retreat and there and then I saw her.’

The pastor adjusted himself on his seat and focused with rapt attention.

‘In the dream, I was led to her in a desert.    I tried to pull her out of the desert but she would not follow me.

‘A desert?’  Pastor Ephraim asked.

‘ Yes Pastor. That first time, I didn’t take it seriously but I had the dream again and again and then I prayed about it and I stopped having it. I thought it was over but it wasn’t. I saw her again and this time she was washing her hands over a well I rushed up there and dragged her from the well.’ Akin continued.

Who did you say this woman is again? Pastor Ephraim asked Akin.

‘She’s my boss not directly I don’t even know her. I have only met her once and that was yesterday.

To be continued.

What do you think is the relationship between Akin and Mojirade?

Have you ever experienced a burden for someone you have never met before?

OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to write to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

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